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Downtown Singapore

After my trip to Brisbane, Australia I stopped over in Singapore for three days. This was my first visit to Asia and I admittedly was a bit anxious about finding my whereabouts in a society which alphabet I cannot even read. I quickly lost that anxiety after realizing that Singapore is extremely adapted to people from all around the world. While you do find traditional goods and cuisine from all over Asia, there is almost always some way of getting around the language barrier by simply speaking English and pointing.  I found Singapore to be a society of extreme differences between traditions, traditional lifestyle, and the modern, tech-savvy style of today. Ultra modern architecture can be found right next to shabby corner soup kitchens (that serve absolutely delicious food). All in all, Singapore might be the perfect gateway drug to Asia. The city is modern enough to not freak first time visitors out, it is easy to get along, and give you an insight into the stunning diversity of Asian cultures. The food alone is well worth the visit. While I stayed  clear of ‘uncommon’ dishes like fish head soup and the likes, I cannot say that I have eaten better on any of my trips. But remember to bring very light clothes and an umbrella – it is enormously humid and when it rains, it pours! In case you find yourself in the city with a thunderstorm approaching, I can recommend the Asian Civilisation Museum.

Anyways, my favorite pictures of this trip can by seen in the usual place. Enjoy.